7 Useful Internet Tips & Tricks

7 Useful Internet Tips & Tricks

1. View Hidden Password In Browser
When someone types a password in computer, all we get to see are big dots or stars. But did you know that it is possible to uncover the password that these stars shield from us. All we need to do is to change the type of the form field from password to text.
2. Play Movies and Music in Google Chrome
Recently we published a list of best media players out there. But did you know that Google Chrome browser can also be used to play media files such as movies and music? And all you need to do is just drag the media file in Google Chrome! Here is how to pull this trick.
3. Use Google Chrome as a Notepad

We all need to take quick notes and notepad applications come really handy for this. Most of the time Google Chrome remains open on our computer screen, wouldn’t it be great if we could use one of Chrome tabs as a notepad? Well it is possible and it’s pretty easy. Open Chrome and type the following code in address bar, hit enter and you will be able to type in Google Chrome.

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

4. Find Downloadable MP3 Songs with Direct Links
This is really a very clever Internet trick that all music lovers should know. If you want to download an MP3 songs and don’t want to go through tedious routes of music hosting websites, Google can serve you with direct links. Just take right click on these links and select Save as to download the song file. To get the direct MP3 links, go to Google and type the following in search:
intitle:index.of?mp3 song title
Replace the song title with the song name that you’re looking for. Google will show you websites that are hosting song with direct links. Very clean and clever trick this is!
5. Check if a Website is Safe for Browsing

It is extremely important to be safety conscious on Internet. We have found that most of the malware, viruses and other nuisance creep in your computer when you unintentionally click on a rouge link or visit a harmful website. Link safety is something that every Internet user should learn. There is an easy way to tell whether a website is considered safe for browsing. Google Transparency Report can give you the opinion of Google about the goodness of a website. Type the following address in your browser:


You should replace the example.com with the domain name of website that you want to check.

6. Avoid Accidentally Closing a Browser Tab
Imagine that you’re working on a very important web page and you accidentally close the tab, it feels very stupid thing to do. And make no mistake, it happens with people much more often than you think. So, is there a solution? Yes, of course! The solution is to remove the possibility of closing the tab by mistake! Take a right click on an open tab in your browser and select Pin or Pin Tab option. The browser will fix the tab and it and you will not get the option of closing it. In order to close a pinned tab, you would need to first unpin it.
7. Explore Space, Galaxies, Constellations Through Internet
We are sure that you have used the magic of Google Maps and Google Earth. But did you know that Google has a similar facility for space? Yes, Google Sky offers you closeup views of outer space and you can explore our galaxy, various star constellations, planets etc. It’s a very good educational tool for kids and grown-up too!

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