5 Gmail Hacks That Will Change Your Life

1. Canned Responses

If you commonly compose and reply with the same message over and over, you could benefit from the “canned response” feature. This lets you create automatic responses that you can insert in to your email and tweak as needed without having to manually type out the whole thing. Call it the lazy girl tip to sending emails. In order to enable this feature, click the gear in the top right corner. Select “Settings” and go to the “Advanced” tab. Then enable “Templates” and save. Now when you open up an email you can create and/or add an existing canned massage. Brilliant.

2. Unsend Emails

How many times have you accidentally hit send mid email?  The good news is that you CAN take those emails back up to 30 seconds after you hit “Send”. In order to enable this feature, go back to Settings, scroll down to “Undo Send”. Check the button and select the cancellation period. Then save.

Unsend EMail

3. Search Email

No wonder Search engine giant offers strings to specific email. In the Gmail search bar, try typing in:

From: | Search all messages from a specific sender

To: | Search all messages sent to a specific recipient

OR | Search all messages with term A or B. OR must be in all caps.

In:anywhere | Search all messages anywhere in Gmail (including Trash and Spam which are normally excluded).

Is:starred | Search all starred messages

Is:unread | Search all unread messages

Has:Attachment | Search all messages with attachments. This search is great for clearing up space by finding and deleting messages with hefty file attachments.

After: | Search messages sent or received after a specific date

Before: | Search messages sent or received before a specific date. Combine before and after for further precision:

Older_than: / newer_than: | Similar to above, but instead of exact dates you can use days (d), months (m) or years (y).

4. Those Dots are Meaningless

No, I am not kidding! i.am.hulk@gmail.com is the same thing as iam.hulk@gmail.com OR iamhulk@gmail.com – all these address variations can be used for a single email address.

5. Remove Formatting

When you copy and paste text from an online site into an email and the text is different formats? To quickly revert that text to standard format, click the “Remove formatting” button at the bottom right corner of your email.

Remove formatting

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