32 Money Saving Tips

1. Create Budget17. Buy Generic
2. Pack your Lunch18. Sell your clutter
3. Eat out Less19. Check Receipts
4. Make Coffee at Home20. Eat before Shopping
5. Save on movies21. Check for Cash Back
6. Cut Power Bill22. Cook in Bulk
7. Shop Insurance23. Compare Shops
8. Pay Premium upfront24. Use Coupons
9. Quit Smoking25. Shop Brands on Sale
10. Buy Preowned26. Cut Banking Fees
11. DIY Car Maintenance27. Automate Savings
12. Plan Vacation Early28. Save Salary Increase
13. Learn to Negotiate29. Save Loose Change
14. Prepare Grocery List30. Use Card Rewards
15. Buy in Bulk31. Pay Off Debt
16. Buy in Season32. Choose Variable Mortgage

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