13 Hard to Believe Facts

13 Hard to Believe Facts

  1. Human eyes get a bit yellow over time which is why the sky appears less blue as you get older.

  2. Vampire bats practice social distancing when they get ill so that they don’t infect the others. They live in colonies and care about each other a lot.

  3. Orangutans scare away predators by imitating kissing sounds.

  4. The atmosphere of Venus is so hot, it would cook a pizza in 7 seconds.

  5. During World War II, all road signs in the UK were removed so that in case of an invasion, enemy forces would get lost.

  6. The smell we feel when working with soil actually belongs to the bacteria living in it.

  7. Termites are walking bioreactors. They produce up to 1L of hydrogen, having consumed only 1 sheet of paper. Scientists see this as a potential for creating a promising source of green energy.

  8. In countries where people consume more chocolate, residents become Nobel laureates more often.

  9. The domain name, .tv, that is popular among TV companies is a national domain of the small country, Tuvalu, that rents it out and replenishes its treasury with it.

  10. Since 1975, every bathroom in Italy was required to have a bidet, according to the law. This device reduces the consumption of toilet paper and is considered a more hygienic and environmentally friendly way to take care of one’s intimate body parts

  11. In 1859, 24 rabbits were released in Australia so that people could hunt them later. By the year 1920, they reproduced significantly and their number increased to about 10 billion.

  12. The Romans believed that when eyelashes would fall out, it was a sign of a woman with easy virtue. That’s why ladies tried to make their lashes longer to prove their chastity.

  13. In ancient Sparta, people wiped their hands with raw dough to clean them after they had a meal.

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