10 Amazing useful Websites

10 Amazing useful Websites

1. ThisIsWhyImBroke

Finds and lists cool and unbelievable products. Check out here

2. Manuals Library

A handy library of PDF user manuals for almost anything. Check out here

3. Camel Camel Camel

Shows you the price history of anything on Amazon and alerts you when the price drops. You can even upload your entire Amazon wish list directly. Check out here

4. Fat Fingers

FatFingers.com finds eBay items with typos, which often have no bids because no one can find them.Check out here

5. Push Bullet

Displays phone notifications on your computer, so that you don’t have to switch between devices every time. Check out here

6. Better Explained

Explains tough math concepts in a better and intuitive way. Check out here

7. AGoodMovieToWatch

Not sure what movie to watch? AGoodMovieToWatch randomly suggest you highly-rated yet little known movies to watch. Check out here.

8. 10 Minutes mail

For those times you need a throwaway email address (like getting two more free weeks of Hulu Plus). The email address will enable you to get confirmation then self destruct in 10 minutes. Check out here.

9. Math Way

Solves any kind of math problem, from basic math to chemical equations. Not recommended for cheating at school because actually knowing math is very important for times when you don’t have internet access to get to this site. Plus, you don’t get the steps to solving the equation unless you upgrade your account. Check out here.

10. Rasterbator

Make a printable poster out of any image. Check out here.

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